Premium Kiln Dried Logs

  • Our premium product. Same size load and our standard half and full loads

  • Guaranteed moisture to <17%

  • Highest heat, longest lasting, best looking, easiest lighting. Light and leave!  

  • Perfect for stoves and open fires

  • Recommended by stove manufacturers and chimney sweeps

  • Meets new woodsure ready to burn standards





1/2 load mixed logs - £95      1/2 load ash logs - £100
Full load mixed logs - £185       Full load ash logs -  £190
Double load mixed logs - £360   Double load ash logs - £370

Specialty Logs


  • Well seasoned fruit wood

  • wild cherry, apple and pear

  • Fruit wood is ideal for smokers, BBQ or outdoor pizza ovens. It gives off a lovely aroma which compliments food perfectly. Can also be enjoyed on your stove in your home for subtle fruit tones. 

Half load  £100

Full load  £190