Kindling Nets


  • Generously filled net of well seasoned softwood

  • Quick and easy to start fires and stoves

  • Free delivery with any order of wood


single net                      bulk buy

       £5                                 3 for £12

Chopping Blocks


  • Hardwood blocks for chopping your own wood or kindling at home

  • Free delivery with any order of wood


Large Block                      Small Block

£10                                             £5

Wood Chippings


  • Mixed wood chippings

  • Perfect for covering flowerbeds, paths, childrens play-areas and chicken runs etc

  • Keeps flowerbeds and boarders protected throughout winter

  • Available in any quantity


(per cubic metre)


Pure Wood Shavings

  • Pure shavings  - Bi product of log processor - no chemicals 

  • From FSC certified wood (ash, birch, alder and beech)

  • Ideal for horse / animal bedding 

  • Approx 125kg


BBQ Smoker Packs

  • Kiln dried logs for smokers, BBQs and outdoor ovens/chimneas

  • Alder, Cherry and Oak logs. Different logs for different flavour and foods

  • Supplied bagged 

  • Kilned kindling and silver birch to get your fire instantly instantly hot. Once it settles down, add smoker wood and allow to turn to coals before cooking.

bundle of kindling, birch and 1 smoker wood  -  £20

additional bag of smoker wood  -  £10

Collection only

minimum £50 for delivery


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